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🎶 Quirky, country-influenced acoustic singer/songwriter 🌈

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The perfect feel good vibe!” - Diva Magazine

Paterson is the latest incarnation of Cardiff-born, Blackwood-based singer/songwriter Georgia Paterson. Inspired by such classic and contemporary artists as Simon & Garfunkel, Imelda May, Ashley McBrydeand her all-time idols Indigo Girls (who she was thrilled to make a guest appearance with on their last UK tour), Paterson creates quirky Americana/Country-influenced acoustic music brimming with emotional intimacy.

A raw talent, mixing together elements of country, folk and Americana into one amazing package” - York Calling

The new single “Like An Apple” (from the upcoming album Under Your Skin) has been causing controversy ever since Paterson started playing it live. It quickly became known as ‘the raunchy one’ at her regular livestream - immediately branded as ‘filth’ by some! One viewer reported watching with her elderly parents and having to discreetly turn the volume down for ‘that song’. Recently invited to perform at a beautiful Church, Paterson was expressly told not to include it, and having started playing some festivals this year, she has been forced to examine whether the song is family-friendly.  

Speaking of the single, Paterson explains: 

“I don’t want to be provocative for the sake of it. This song is important to me as an unashamed, authentic, portrayal of sexual intimacy between two women. Female pleasure is still woefully underrepresented in popular culture, particularly the experience of lesbians and older women. It does seem to divide opinion, some listeners have called it subtle, some have asked me if it's about what they think it's about, and it's completely gone over the heads of others!  I accept that it's risqué but in my opinion it's very tame compared to lots of modern music. It does seem to be having an impact on people, which I’m thrilled about. A man came up to me after a gig in South Wales - he was actually quite emotional and said it reminded him of the early days with his wife! After a show in London, another man told me “I’m 100% gay, but your apples made me horny!” Interestingly it seems to be straight women that have the biggest problem with it, maybe it’s because they’re a little disturbed by how arousing they find it!”  she adds with a cheeky wink. 

The skilful touch of highly-acclaimed producer & multi-instrumentalist Lukas Drinkwater (Emily Barker) perfectly enhances the song’s sensuality - with haunting vintage electric guitar, pulsing double bass and deft percussion combining to create an irresistible tango-esque vibe.

Superb stuff, that was awesome...brilliant...such swagger...she's got it!” - Showcase Wales